Center–East location

Phoenix Tower is located at a large junction between Vitan Road, Octavian Goga Boulevard and Dudesti Road which provide very easy direct access to the main neighborhoods
of South–East Bucharest: Tineretului, Timpuri Noi, Vitan, Vitan–Barzesti, Dudesti and Dristor.

Access from other parts of the city is facilitated through Unirii Boulevard, which collects the traffic from Bucharest’s Northern and Western areas. Being one of the widest Boulevards of Bucharest, with 3–4 lanes per direction, it ensures a smooth traffic flow even in the rush hours.

Vitan Road runs from Oltenitei Road, crosses Dambovita River (sector named Vitan Barzesti) and Mihai Bravu Boulevard, and ends at the junction with Unirii Boulevard.

Vitan Road is an important two-way street with two lanes per each direction separated in the middle by a tram rail. The road links two major boulevards of the city, going North to Unirii Boulevard and South-East to Mihai Bravu Boulevard. Vitan Road is fully paved and improved with brick surfaced sidewalks and ornamental street lights.

In terms of public transportation, the area is well served, several buses and trams having stops within 2 to 5 minutes walking time: buses 104, 123, 124 and trams 19, 23, 27.

Transport facilities

  • Trams 19, 23, 27
  • Busses 104, 123, 124

Phoenix Tower is situated in the center of the rectangle  formed by four metro stations: Unirii, Timpuri Noi, Dristor and Muncii. Although these stations are not in the walking distance range around the Property, their proximity is an advantage for the tenants’ employees coming from all parts of Bucharest.


Address: 6 - 6A Calea Vitan Street District 3, Bucharest

Help Desk Phone: +40 21 231 52 00

E-mail: office@phoenixtower.ro

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